Italian wine selections

About us

Italian Wine Selections is a marketing and sales agency specialized in the promotion and commercialization of quality Italian wines on the International markets. We act as a direct link between producers, importers, distributors and retailers to provide unique Italian wines to all of our customers. The list of estates we work with is a result of years of extensive research, patience and carefully cultivated relationships.

Our selection began 25 years ago, starting with small and unknown family-run wineries not popular on the big market.

Our focus is on wineries that best express the genuine character of each Italian terroir and enhance the unique personality of each winemaker.

Our approach to the Italian wine goes beyond the mere description of the characteristics of the product. We believe that good quality wine must reveal the traditions and the regional culture of the place where the wine was born.

Our objective is to allow wine lovers all over the world to discover, taste and experience great Italian wines of long history and deep cultural heritage.

Our mission is to satisfy our clients’ needs thanks to exciting wines always at very competitive price. We guarantee them a punctual and accurate service, from the reception of the order, along the whole logistic chain, up to the delivery.

We share our knowledge and experience through newsletters, social marketing, trade shows and wine-tasting events; we organize guided wine-tours in the estates that we represent to let our clients live an unforgettable experience in the vineyard, in the cellar, and to let them discover all the magic behind the making of wine in a traditional way.