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Antichi Vinai produces only wines from Etnean and native sicilian vines.

A precise choice in order to praise the character and tradition of vines that in this island were born or live since hundred years and absorbed characteristics and spirit of it in a continuous exchange of tastes and fragrances.

A particular experience that allows Antichi Vinai to choose the rightest techniques of cultivation and vinification and maintain the integrity and typicalness of these wines without giving in fashions enticements that inevitably would distort the original nature.

The Gangemi family has been devoting itself for four generations to vine-growing and to the improvement of the native Sicilian species of vine, above all those from volcano Etna.

In one hundred year of work, among Etna slope vineyards and in the ageing wine cellars, experience has blended with passion, and technology with experience to provide Sicilian wine estimators with superb truths to taste.