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Igor Erzetic's firm, whose brand "BRANKO" is dedicated to his father Branko, is situated from centuries in Zegla, in the Collio of Cormons.

This is a really good area for the growing of vineyards because of its exposure, microclimate and the features of the ground, in which the main natural components are marl and sandstone, which make wines better in quality, in perfume and taste.

Branko "garden-vineyard" has two types of cultivation, the traditional and the French "Guyot". The use of wooden poles helps the feature of the works and the beauty of the vineyards, protected by integrated ways which are faithful to the biological tradition.

Since 1998 (when Igor got the "diploma of winemaker") he has changed the reality of his firm, which once was only country (today the firm has more than 8 hectares of vineyards, mainly cultivated with white grape varieties), turning it into something more, with an excellent cellar and a nice place where he can say "welcome" to his customers.

Recently, the cellar has been completely restructured with the best modern equipments which at the same time are respectful of the grape.

After the fermentations and the bottling, the bottles rest in thermo-conditioned areas under the ground, just enough to protect their harmonic evolution during the medium-long term.