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The Calò family has had close links with the Apulian land for generations, beginning with the "patriarch" Salvatore who provided fine wine for his family.

In 1960, all of the Calò brothers decided to establish their wine production in northern Italy.

In 1989, the strong love for the Apulian heritage led them to found CALOSM in Tuglie, expanding the vineyard acreage with the acquisition of the Stracca Villa.

This landmark estate, located in the township of Alezio, traces its origin to Pasquale Doxi - Stracca's family in the sixteenth century, which had been long associated in the region to wine and oil production.

In 2000, the next generation of Calò men, Claudio and Daniele, took over gradually the grape cultivation and the wine production of the family, striving for a harmonious blend of ancient tradition and modern technology, both in the vineyards and in the winery, resulting in an extremely high quality wine that maintains the typical characteristics of the area.

Today the CALOSM grape production area covers 24 hectares, 12 of which owned by the family.

The grapes are harvested in the traditional manner into boxes and then are carefully hand selected to ensure the highest quality wines.