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Podere Gusto

  • Toscana
  • Via Pian dei Cerrini, 58038 Seggiano (GR)
  • 2014
  • 7 ettari
  • 36-38.000 bott.

La Cantina

Our winery is located in Seggiano (GR), in the D.O.C. Montecucco area, on the eastern side of Mount Amiata, 20 km from Montalcino. Our strenghts are terroir and climate. The terroir it’s composed by volcanic origin soils, which give our wines a great tasty, minerality and structure. A dry and ventilated climate gives us distinctive and unique traits such as acidity, balanced pH grade and an important alcohol content. These factors, together with the vineyard works, allow the product that arrives in the cellar to be already itself a valuable base for producing wines with high elegance and structure. The winemaking philosophy that we use in the cellar involves natural fermentation, long maceration on the berry skins with frequent and soft pumping over (pumping must over the grape dregs) to obtain wines with great structure, colors and aromas. This is our idea of a great red wine. 2013 is our first commercial vintage, the wine is aged 2 years in steel tanks and 2 years in bottle before being sold. Since 2014, due to the not particularly favorable year, we decided to have a 2-month cycle of aging in large wood barrels.

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