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Laila Libenzi estate, in Corinaldo, lies in the rolling hills of the Marche, overlooking the Adriatic Sea on the east coast of Italy.
Today, the Laila Libenzi estate is the leading vineyard project in all of the Marches, with densities that reach 8,000 plants per hectare, based on viticultural research not practiced anywhere else in this region.
In the early '90s, Andrea Crocenzi, son in law of Mr. Laila Libenzi, took over the Fattoria Laila preserving many of the traditional methods of farming, but introducing new technology into the cellar and improving vineyard plantings to bring a centuries old estate up to date.

Now the production and administration of the estate is in the hands of Andrea and Chiara Refe, sons of Mr. Laila Libenzi.

An important momentum has been added with the arrival of Aroldo Belelli, winemaker with great experience, who has helped Andrea and Chiara in focusing on a unique style to this winery.

Verdicchio and Montepulciano, indigenous varieties, are cultivated here under the expert and careful guidance of Aroldo Belelli, enologist, who has helped to establish strict limits in the vineyard in order to craft excellent wines.

Recently an additional precious vineyard in the Rosso Conero appellation was added to the Laila Libenzi production.