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When you approach the Tornesi vineyards, there is a pump at the entrance to the unpaved road that greets you, for this is the place where the exceptional Montalcino spring waters flow, now only known by the locals.

The same pure spring that feeds the Tornesi vines and olives and that has nourished their spirit of simplicity and integrity since they came to live on these lands in 1750.

They are proud, intense, profoundly expressive people like their most famous Brunello, which can only be made from one cepage, the Brunello Grosso as it was originally called, a Sangiovese that renders a luscious intense wine that grows in velvetiness and a complex dance of flowers, fruits, truffle, tobacco and earth flavours on the palate as each year passes. It's not a wine for those who want their life to ressemble everyone else's.

The producers of Brunello have learned the arts of listening to the soil and the wind, and their mastery of the vineyard and its needs is equalled by none. Maurizio Tornesi is one of these masters. His time is spent in the vines, not on a computer or in a convention hall and it shows.

Under shaggy brows, merry eyes meet yours, eyes that have looked out at the beautiful horizons of Montalcino for a lifetime, gauging the wind, the clouds, the sun's arrival and their effects on the vines, and the work to be done for that day.